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Special Events:

Sept. 30, 2015
Wine Tasting

Italian Night

Monday nights:

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Happy Hour!
Monday - Friday
3:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Beers $2.50

El Andariego Reservations
Come visit us for authentic Mexican and Salvadoran cuisine. We've been serving these scrumptious dishes for over 10 years. And please, if you enjoyed your visit with us, we encourage you to write a review on our website review page.

Join us for a unique experience and beautiful ambiance. The atmosphere is always warm and friendly to make you feel comfortable and at home. You will get personal attention from the owners, giving you a very special evening.

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Every weekend come and enjoy our Mexican and Salvadoran Specials! They are always different so you have the opportunity to taste a wide variety of these culinary delights! All the food is high quality with a variety of beef, chicken and fish dishes. View some samples of what we have to offer.

Private Room and Catering - If you need a private room for your special occasion, give us a call. We also do Catering! Call and schedule your personal tasting for your favorite style - Mexican, Italian and American! Our talented and experienced chefs will prepare a feast specifically to your desires.

Come join us on Valentine's Day and Mother's Day for a special dessert along with your 3-course menu. We invite you to join the festivities with your loved ones. We're proud of our restaurant's long history of great reviews. We offer the best quality food, a talented chef's specialties along with superb presentation in a comfortable, warm atmosphere. We invite you to join us for a special evening of wonderful flavor and fun! And don't forget to ask for a gift certificate for your friends and family.

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